What is pathFinder

The pathFinder Video Teaching series includes Eight - 25 minute Videos for streaming online. These eight teachings are a companion to the pathFinder Book. You will find these videos illuminate the material in the book. Anna brings a strong message of freedom and grace in pursuing God’s purposes for life.

  • Watch

    8 Video Teaching Lessons on your own time and allow Anna to journey with you as you seek the ultimate Guide.

  • Read

    Weekly homework that is full of activities such as life mapping, discovering strengths, weaknesses and passions, and formulating a life mission statement.

  • Experience

    A journey towards intentional engagement with the heart of Your Creator. Then through these tools, you will be illuminated towards the purpose you were made for!

Course curriculum

  • 1
  • 2
    You Have Embarked
    • Session One: You Have Embarked
    • pathFinder Lesson 1 Bonus Print
  • 3
    Your Great Treasure Hunt
    • Your Great Treasure Hunt
    • pathFinder Lesson 2 Bonus Print
  • 4
    You're Part of the Bigger Story
    • You're Part of the Bigger Story
    • pathFinder Lesson 3 Bonus Print
  • 5
    Your Own Story
    • pathFinder Lesson 4 Bonus Print
    • Your Own Story
  • 6
    Your Puzzle Pieces
    • pathFinder Lesson 5 Bonus Print
    • Your Puzzle Pieces
  • 7
    You Are Amazing
    • pathFinder Lesson 6 Bonus Print
    • You Are Amazing
  • 8
    Your Mission
    • pathFinder Lesson 7 Bonus Print
    • Your Mission
  • 9
    Your Treasure
    • pathFinder Lesson 8 Bonus Print
    • Your Treasure
  • 10
    • pathFinder Appendix Bonus Print

Video Teaching Only

All Eight Teaching Sessions + extras to encourage you in your journey.