What is pathFinder?

The pathFinder Video Teaching series includes Eight - 25 minute Videos for streaming online. These eight teachings are a companion to the pathFinder Book. You will find these videos illuminate the material in the book. Anna brings a strong message of freedom and grace in pursuing God’s purposes for life.

  • Watch

    8 Video Teaching Lessons with your small group and allow Anna to journey with you all as you seek the ultimate Guide.

  • Read

    Weekly homework that is full of activities such as life mapping, discovering strengths, weaknesses and passions, and formulating a life mission statement.

  • Experience

    A journey towards intentional engagement with the heart of Your Creator. Then through these tools be illuminated towards the purpose you were made for!

Course curriculum

This course is built to equip leaders with a discussion guide in each chapter + BONUS discount code for all group members to order their pathFinder book on beaconpeople.org .

  • 1
    Intro to pathFinder
  • 2
    You Have Embarked
    • Session One: You Have Embarked
    • Leader's Discussion Guide Lesson 1
  • 3
    Your Great Treasure Hunt
    • Your Great Treasure Hunt
    • Leader's Discussion Guide Lesson 2
  • 4
    You're Part of the Bigger Story
    • Leader's Discussion Guide Lesson 3
    • You're Part of the Bigger Story
  • 5
    Your Own Story
    • Leader's Discussion Guide Lesson 4
    • Your Own Story
  • 6
    Your Puzzle Pieces
    • Leader's Discussion Guide Lesson 5
    • Your Puzzle Pieces
  • 7
    You Are Amazing
    • Leader's Discussion Guide Lesson 6
    • You Are Amazing
  • 8
    Your Mission
    • Leader's Discussion Guide Lesson 7
    • Your Mission
  • 9
    Your Treasure
    • Leader's Discussion Guide Lesson 8
    • Your Treasure
  • 10
    • Leader's Discussion Guide Conclusion

Small Group Study

All Eight Teaching Sessions for your small group + discussion guide to lead each session + extras to encourage your group. You will also receive a discount code for your group members to use when they order their books on beaconpeople.org .